On June 4, 1923, the most unexpected result happened. Frank Hayes arrives on the finishing line of a horse racing. Not only was it surprising because it was his very first race, but also because he passed away before the finish line. Although Hayes was a trainer by profession, this was his very first win as a jockey, and oddly, his last. Hayes won the race by a horse hair.

He apparently passed away somewhere in the middle of the race, but his body remained in the saddle throughout. Nobody discovered that until Miss Frayling and the race officials came to felicitate him, shortly after the race. It was speculated that the heart attack was probably brought on by Hayes’ severe efforts to meet the weight requirements, possibly followed by the excitement of riding to the front of the pack.

The newspaper reported he had slimmed down from 142 pounds to 130 pounds in a very short time. It was claimed that Sweet Kiss was nicknamed “Sweet Kiss of Death” for the rest of her life. Also, the horse would not be in a race ever again. Haye’s record is to be known as the only man winning a race while not being alive, a record in competitive sports history that no one would really like to break.